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What material is used in making a vehicle bag?

A special 7 mil polyethylene is used for the bags. A webbing is molded inside making it rip-stop. It is very durable and tear resistant. It can not be torn, even if something sharp should cut it first.

Can the material be repaired?

Yes. A cut or hole may be patched with duct tape or similar tape.

Does the material have a lining on the inside?

No. We recommend the use of a cloth cover to place over the vehicle before it is stored using the vehicle bag. If you don't already have one, please visit for information, options, and pricing.

How do you put a vehicle in a vehicle bag?

Lay the bag flat on the floor like a sleeping bag. Next, unzip the three sides, and fold the top over to the side. Then, carefully drive or push the vehicle on to floor of bag. Finally, pull the top bag material over the vehicle, and zip it up.

What is the life expectancy of a vehicle bag?

This is unknown. None are known to have worn out yet. Ten or more years seems reasonable if you give take proper care of it.

May a vehicle bag be used outdoors?

No. Indoor use only. Rain could get inside if the material got damaged. The water held inside would keep the vehicle wet all the time. Wind would also cause the material to "whip" and may soon wear it out.

May a vehicle bag be used outside, for example, overnight at a car show?

Yes, this can work very well, but caution must be used. A strong wind could cause abrasion on any part of the car the bag touches. A good car cover must also be used in this situation. If you don't already have one, please visit for information, options, and pricing.

What is the desiccant cannister for?

We include a cannister of desiccant to remove humidity bagged with the car. Desiccant is a material that absorbs moisture out of the air. Although, your vehicle must be completely dry when stored.

May the desiccant be reused?

Yes. It can be dried in an oven. It should be dried anytime the bag is opened which allows in more humidity. Dry it every 6 months for vehicles in storage longer than over winter.

How do I get more desiccant packets?

Send us an email to An optional, deluxe metal-cylinder, holding 10 pounds of desiccant, is also available.

What should I do with my car cover?

If you have one, use it. We recommend you put a car cover on the vehicle before zipping it closed. This would prevent material from rubbing on paint should a strong wind come in through an open door and cause it to move around.

Will the bag dry out my leather upholstery?

Surprisingly, no. Actually, the air collects a small amount of the oils from leather and it quickly becomes saturated. Since there is no exchange of air, the drying stops.

Do vehicle bags provide any benefits beyond protection from moisture and dust?

Yes. Keeping fresh oxygen away from the vehicle, helps extend the life of paint and upholstery. Likewise, for the reduction of ultraviolet light. Ozone causes deterioration of rubber items. The bag material keeps fresh ozone outside. Any pollutants in the air that might do harm are kept out. Bugs and insects cannot enter and cause problems. The gray opaque color does not allow prying eyes to identify the vehicle, providing additional protection.

Can mice chew through a vehicle bag?

They can chew through almost anything. Since they can not smell or see anything in the bag there is no reason for them to do it. We do get several reports a year about a mouse building a nest underneath and then chewing around the nest area, putting holes in the bottom of the bag. Usually they don?t bother the vehicle, but it has happened. The vehicle bag is probably the most effective deterrent to mice available, 98% effective, but not 100%.

Will the zipper hurt my paint?

No. If you use a car cover, the zipper will never touch the vehicle. It is made with a heavy duty commercial YKK plastic zipper that can take the pressure of tires rolling over it, and shouldn?t hurt paint even if it touched it.

Can the zipper be secured from unwanted openings?

Yes. Brass locks are provided so the zipper can be locked shut.

What do I do about my radio antenna?

If the antenna will collapse, lower it as much as possible. If it is easily removed, take if off. As long as it will lower to near the level of the roof and is near the front or back window it will be OK. A large plastic test tube is supplied to go over the antenna to provide a larger surface area so it is not as likely to puncture the material.

I only have a barn, not a heated garage. Will this work?

Yes, absolutely. Barns, damp warehouses, enclosed trailers, dirt floored sheds as well as nice garages work very well. Even a tent would work. Just not outdoors exposed to the elements.

My garage has crushed limestone for the floor. Can I use a jacket on that?

Yes, but it will be necessary to put some padding down first to protect from stones poking through material when tires roll over it. Scrap carpeting, old paneling, plywood or even heavy cardboard can work to offer protection.

My car leaks oil. Will this hurt the material?

No. Just wipe it up and follow up with a solvent such as spray carb cleaner to further clean and dry it. However, the best thing is to put drip pan or heavy cardboard to catch the oil. Then cleaning will not be necessary.

Does my vehicle have to be dry when I put it away?

Absolutely. Any standing moisture bagged in will be trapped inside. This could be harmful. Do not wash the vehicle just before putting away. Moisture behind chrome and in cracks must have time to dry. Do not drive on wet road or wet grass before storing. Air conditioners should not be used before storing because the evaporator drips water. Make sure the cooling system does not leak.

Are vehicle bags custom fitting?

No. There are a number of sizes available. We choose the bag that fits closest, and it rarely is a tight fit. However, the fit does vary with each individual model of vehicle.

Do you know what size is needed for all cars?

We know the size of most cars built since World War II. For older cars, unusual cars or modified cars we often need to know the length, width and height to calculate the correct size.

Will a kick stand damage the material on a vehicle bag?

No. A 1/4 inch thick heavy rubber pad is provided for the kick stand or center stand.

How long does it take to get one after I order?

Shipping is usually within 24 hours by UPS. Once in their hands it is delivered according to distance from our warehouse in Michigan.

Where are the vehicle bags manufactured?

They are proudly made in the USA!

Do these storage bags really work as well as you say?

Most definitely. There is nothing magical about them. The bag seals out moisture and desiccant removes humidity bagged inside. Therefore, the vehicle is in a dry environment. Once sealed, dust and dirt simply can not get on the vehicle. If there is no moisture, and dust or dirt can not get on the vehicle, how else can the vehicle come out but in exactly the same condition as it went in.

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